D. Heilman Astrophotography

Astrophotography prints are a challenge as they are dark and have a very broad dynamic range.  Matching what is processed on a backlit LED screen to an indirectly illuminated print takes a great deal of optimization and profiling.  To get the most out of a print, it must be well lit, optimally from above, to show the full color gamut and details in the image.


I print and mount all of my work personally and enjoy doing so with care and attention to detail.  These are professional quality prints made using archival-grade pigments that will resist fading or bleaching over time (rated for 100 years or more).  All prints are numbered, signed and dated, and are mounted on acid-free media using archival techniques to preserve the quality of the print.  Acquisition details on the target, including all gear used and filter sets with total integrated exposure time, can be found on the back of the frame.

I prefer to provide prints framed as this allows me the full opportunity to protect and encase the print properly. These are in black wood frames with UV resistant glass, black matte, with a brass plaque. I'm happy to talk about other options though. Prints can provided either 11x14 or 13 x 19 sizes.  To inquire about prints, please use the contact form.

I set out in this hobby to explore the universe as best I could from my own backyard and to inspire others to do so.  I never intended to turn any profit on the sale of prints from this work which is why I donate all proceeds from any print sales to several charities that support environmental conservation, protection of nighttime darkness, and educational outreach in those areas.  I recover only enough to generate more prints and to fund minor equipment maintenance for the outreach programs that I personally offer.

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